Smartfire provides professional grade temperature monitoring and pit control. It’s designed for convenience and the internet connectivity when connected via WiFi means you can keep tabs on progress remotely via the Smartfire app. At BBQs Plus we sell the control module as well as probes and adapters.

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  • Smartfire 5.0 Black Summer Pack

    $375.00 Compare
  • SmartFire Ambient Probe

    SmartFire Ambient Probe

    $19.00 Compare
  • SmartFire Food Probe

    SmartFire Food Probe

    $19.00 Compare
  • SmartFire Standard Kamado Adaptor

    SmartFire Standard Kamado Adaptor

    $39.00 Compare
  • SmartFire Universal Adaptor

    SmartFire Universal Adaptor

    $39.00 Compare
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