Pricing Policy

Our Pricing Policy 2019 – 2020

Pricing Policy decisions are reviewed regularly as required based on market forces, cost, availability, fees, warehousing, floor stock, age of stock, discontinued or damaged stock etc.

Tony Spencer (Director of Barbecues Plus) alone decides the selling price of goods and services, when to mark up, round up or to discount, offer free goods as a discount, incentive, charge credit card surcharge fees, waive credit card surcharge fees in lieu such of a discount or an incentive to purchase.

Credit Card Surcharges
Barbecues Plus reserve the right to charge / apply a 1.5% Credit Card Surcharge to purchases tendered with credit cards.

Retail Enquiries
All enquirers as to the price of a product will be advised of the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of the product they are enquiring about unless that product has been marked down.

Discounts are available from time to time, however conditions apply.

Conditions include but are not limited to, Delivery & or Assembly, competitions, quantity of product, amount of the purchase, availability, which accessories if any are purchased, how the customer wishes to make payment, whether it is a trade or account purchase, for a charity or other such organisation, promotion or other such arrangement the director may have or authorised staff to enter into.
Whether or not the customer seeking the discount believes they have satisfied these conditions or not, the decision to offer a discount or not remains solely with the Director of Barbecues Plus who may instruct employees of Barbecues Plus to act from time to time.

Tony Spencer

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