Yoder Cimmeron Pellet Smoker

Yoder Pellet BBQs | Yoder YS640s [VIC Only]

Adaptive Control System (ACS) with Wi-Fi

The Yoder Smokers S Series is built around their next-generation Adaptive Control System with Wi-Fi Connectivity – cloud connectivity powered by FireBoard.

  • Connect to your devices via Bluetooth and WiFi through the YS Drive App (iOS and Android compatible)
  • Control your grills temperature from anywhere
  • Monitor your cook with the two included food probes (probes are 6′ long)
  • Create custom cook programs to hold once meat temperature hits a set point

More Than Just Wi-Fi

Beyond Wi-Fi connectivity, the new ACS board is built around a powerful microprocessor that understands multiple input variables. So what does this mean?

  • The board was designed from the ground up to take advantage of this powerful microcontrol chip
  • Custom programming allows the board to learn and understand the cooking environment
  • Opening the door, putting on 100 pounds of meat, or even changing pellet wood won’t wreck your set point for hours
  • Calibrate mode aligns the displayed temperature to match the temperature at any area of the grate surface

High-Temp Ceramic Igniter

The S Series features an all new ceramic igniter that that lights the pellets from induction heat, meaning a more consistent startup.

  • New ceramic igniter lasts five times longer than conventional contact igniters
  • Heats up twice as fast and creates double the heat
  • Lights with induction heat which solves problems with failed ignition from ash buildup
  • Ceramic igniter carries a three-year warranty

S Series Updates

The S Series comes with a myriad of updates, from new casters to a completely redesigned burn grate for better airflow.

  • Counterweight bumpers to save grill finish
  • Heavy-duty orange casters for more mobility (standard carts only)
  • Insulated pellet hopper for component safety
  • Redesigned high airflow burn grate

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