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Weber Pulse

Enjoy the ease of an Electric Barbecue with the same high quality Weber taste with the Weber Pulse Range.

The Pulse range boasts many amazing features to help your BBQ experience be a great one. It comes with porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grills to provide superior heat retention and spread. iGrill technology integrated into the barbecue, allowing you to get the perfect internal temperature and to keep track of it all on your smartphone.

With accessory options such as a cart, hotplate, cover and pizza stone have all the joy of a gas barbecue without the hassle of a gas bottle.

The Weber Pulse is leading the way when it comes to durable and powerful electric barbecues.

Porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grills provide superior and even heat retention to create beautiful sear marks. For great results, and to prevent food from sticking to the grates, simply clean the preheated grates with a grill brush before every meal.

Weber iGrill Technology Simply select your food and the Weber iGrill app walks you through from start to when your food has reached the perfect temperature to serve. It’s like having your own personal grilling assistant on your smartphone.

Digital Thermometer The front control panel includes an easy-to-read LED display that shows the precise barbecue temperature, letting you know when the barbecue is just right for cooking your food.

Weber Pulse Series | Weber Electric Barbecues

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