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Today’s Kamado Barbecues are modelled on the clay cooking vessels, fuelled by wood or natural charcoal, first seen during the Chinese Qin Dynasty and later used by the Japanese beginning in the 3rd century. 
U.S. servicemen discovered this type of cooker during World War II and shipped them home after the war.
The domed cookers were an exciting alternative to the metal charcoal or gas grills of the day and people became enamoured with the added flavour and juiciness of a kamado cooker.

These original cookers however were fragile, so the decision to refine the composition of the ceramic and aligned with a state-of-the-art factory to manufacture was made. The result is a far superior cooker that is stronger, more durable and provides better heat insulation than anything else on the market.

The Big Green Egg was the original and is still the best but there have been a few innovations in recent years from Weber with their Summit Charcoal, using twin skinned steel and air as the insulator.  Which ever brand you choose the is no denying the Kamado Style BBQ is quite simply the most versatile BBQ you can buy and as a bonus gives you the most juicy and delicious food you will ever eat off a BBQ.


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