Smartfire 5.0 Black Summer Pack

Smartfire 5.0 Black Summer Pack


  • Weather proof
  • Smartfire now supports 40mhz Wi-Fi networks
  • Bluetooth LE 5.0
  • The new electronics chipset is ~4x faster and has 100x more local memory than the old system
  • Fan Increased 1.6x

Everything you need is included. Smartfire Controller 5.0 Pro Controller. Adaptor based on selecting your smoker. Fully loaded with 1 BBQ probe and 3 food probes with matching cable winders. USB cable. BBQ tough storage case with slots for all the gear.

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Monitor & Control From Anywhere, Anytime
  • Professional grade temperature monitoring and pit control so you can spend more time enjoying yourself
  • Designed for convenience, cloud Internet connectivity when connected via WiFi means you can keep tabs on progress remotely via the Smartfire app. You can be at the shops or watching your kid’s Saturday morning sports game while still being in full control of your cook!
  • Bluetooth Low Energy capability to make setup even easier and provide convenient connectivity on the road, whether competing, catering or camping
  • Integrated controller and fan unit – it’s small, easy to store and has minimal wires to get tangled

On Target & Rock Steady Pit Temperature

  • Smartfire features true variable speed fan control with carefully engineered fan throughput to enable SmartAir puffs of air to maintain target temp. We are the guru’s of BBQ temperature control, we don’t suffer from ‘see saw’ temperature spikes and dips, we get rock solid temperatures flat as an ironing board.
  • Advanced control via temperature ramping to avoid overshoot, open lid detection to prevent flare up and temperature graphing to watch progress 

Go Anywhere Convenience

  • Easy USB power that is convenient worldwide whether at home, camping or competing
  • Use 5 volt wall power or a power bank, choice is yours! 
  • We use a 5 volt fan so you can easily get through a weekend of cooking on a typical 10k power bank. Note to the wise, other market options use 12 volt fans which realistically means you have to have wall power or a large and expensive deep cycle battery to last a typical low and slow cook as they chew battery twice as fast!

Easy Install

  • No need to unscrew bolts on kamado vents. No need to drill. We’ve made it super easy for everyone.
  • The Kamado plate adaptors for Primo/BGE/KJ/PBC use an extender clip to attach to kamado sliding vents in seconds, which makes cleaning the ash tray a breeze!
  • If you have a bullet smoker (ie ProQ, Weber, Fornetto) or kettle smoker, the Summer Pack for your smoker type automatically comes with the Universal Bowl Adaptor for no drilling attachment in a minute flat.
  • You can see which adaptors will get shipped for which smokers here


  • Not recommended for offsets! Their fireboxes are too hot and may melt Smartfires! Fireboxes are too large to control in a meaningful fashion. Do at own risk.
  • Smartfire is designed to aid cooking in the smoking to BBQ temperature ranges (170-350F) and not recommended above 400F as that’s when accidents may happen. Simply, it’s not designed for pizzas or bread making, open your vents wide and let it ride!
  • If in doubt about your use case, get in touch with us for a chat, we’ve got a lot of experience with smoker builders and the BBQ scene!
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