Yoder Accessories

We stock a range of Yoder Accessories including things like thermocouples, covers, thermometers, grill grates and grease shields. Contact us today to enquire of getting the Yoder Accessory you are looking for.

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  • Yoder YS Orange Instant Read Thermometer

    $160.00 Compare
  • Yoder YS640s Standard Cart All Weather Cover

    $400.00 Compare
  • Cover Suit Yoder YS640 On Competition Cart

    $500.00 Compare
  • Aluminium GrillGrates for Yoder YS640

    $250.00 Compare
  • Yoder YS640 2 Piece Heat Management Plate

    $400.00 Compare
  • Yoder 480/640 Grease Shield

    Yoder 640 Grease Shield

    $250.00 Compare
  • Yoder YS640 Shelf Sleeve Set

    Yoder YS640 Shelf Sleeve Set

    $479.00 Compare
  • Yoder 3 Tier Rack Assembly

    Yoder 3 Tier Rack Assembly

    $700.00 Compare
  • Yoder YS640 Dual Sided Cast Iron Griddle

    $250.00 Compare
  • Yoder YS640 Half Top Shelf

    $330.00 Compare
  • Yoder YS640 Thermometer Assembly

    $200.00 Compare
  • Yoder YS640 Thermocouple

    $200.00 Compare
  • Yoder Offset Replacement Thermometer

    $200.00 Compare
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