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Outdoor Magic has a range of BBQ accessories and cleaning supplies to help get the most out of your barbecue. With Fat trap, patio mats, pizza turners, smoker boxes and a powerful degreaser Outdoor Magic might have the accessory you’re looking for.

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  • BBQ Magic BBQ Cleaner 500ml

    $20.00 Compare
  • Smoking Sawdust – Apple

    $17.00 Compare
  • Smoking Sawdust – Cherry

    $17.00 Compare
  • Smoking Sawdust – Hickory

    $17.00 Compare
  • Fat Trap Granules 3.4Lt

    $12.00 Compare
  • Grill Non-stick Commercial Grade Liner

    $17.00 Compare
  • Grill Non-stick Mesh Liner

    $15.00 Compare
  • Outdoor magic Patio Mat 1800 x 720

    Outdoor Magic BBQ Patio Matt 1800mm x 720mm

    $30.00 Compare
  • Outdoor Magic Cold Smoker Tray With Lighter

    $65.00 Compare
  • Outdoor Magic Counter balance suite 10mm pole

    $16.00 Compare
  • Outdoor Magic Log Roll 1400mm

    $65.00 Compare
  • OUT OF STOCK [On Backorder]PZBSHSB Brush with timber handle

    Outdoor Magic Pizza Oven Brush and Scraper

    $85.00 Compare
  • Outdoor Magic Pizza Shovel 1400mm

    $75.00 Compare
  • Outdoor Magic Pizza Turner 1400mm

    $80.00 Compare
  • Outdoor Magic Set of 4 380mm Skewers

    $10.00 Compare
  • Outdoor Magic Soak and Smoke Stainless Steel Smoker Box

    $25.00 Compare
  • Stainless Steel Gyros Plates 20mm 2 pack

    $39.00 Compare
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