Weber Santoku Knife 7″

Weber Santoku Knife 7″


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This hollow edge blade reduces friction and food sticking to the blade, making it perfect for preparing fish, sushi and sashimi. Its lighter weight compared to the traditional Chef knife reduces fatigue over extended periods of use. Ideal for chopping and slicing, your Santoku knife will cut meat, vegetables and fruit to your desired thickness, even down to paper thin slices.

Designed for optimum performance and comfort, Weber’s range of expertly crafted knives are created through the most exacting of processes. Featuring blades made from a single piece of tempered high-carbon German stainless steel, triple-riveted handles that are designed for a perfect hand feel, fit and secure grip and an overall balance so they work as an extension of your hand, these knives offer unrivalled performance to your outdoor cooking experience.

Weber Product Code 18038.

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