Weber Crafted Dual Sided Sear Grate

Weber Crafted Dual Sided Sear Grate


• Creates restaurant-quality sear marks
• WEBER CRAFTED frame and cooking grills required
• Designed to barbecue meat on one side, delicate food on the reverse
• Porcelain enamel helps make flipping and lifting food easy
• Extra large surface for searing multiple steaks at once
• Confirm that your barbecue is compatible with WEBER CRAFTED grillware

Create restaurant quality seared steaks and seafood, plus lots more, with the Weber Crafted Dual Sided Sear Grate. Replace your right sided cooking grill with the porcelained enamel grill for perfect sear marks every time. Weber Crafted compatible barbecue, frame, and cooking grills required for use.

Weber Product Code 7670.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 35 × 7 cm
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