Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer

Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer


  • Digital Infrared Thermometer
  • Laser Pointer
  • Precision performance for the perfect bake every time
  • Easy to read, colour-coded display
  • Temperature scan mode
  • Ergonomic design & hang loop
  • Advanced Emissivity Setting
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Elevate your pizza-making and remove the guesswork with the Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer. This laser-guided, high-precision tool is calibrated to read extreme temperatures on Ooni’s cordierite baking stones, so you get the perfect bake every time.

Designed for use before and during cooking, the Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer ensures that you always have a detailed understanding of how hot your pizza stone is. With both numerical and colour-coded temperature displays, you can select your preferred interface and switch effortlessly between laser-guided spot measurements and wider area scans.

The full-colour digital display delivers temperature information in less than 300 milliseconds, while Temperature Scan Mode allows you to easily determine the minimum, maximum, and average temperatures of surfaces in one simple scan. The thermometer comes with Duracell® batteries included, and a removable hang loop attachment for safe storage between uses.

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