Modern Flames Spectrum 74″ Slimline [$2495>Call to Purchase]

Modern Flames Spectrum 74″ Slimline [$2495>Call to Purchase]

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  • Recessed or wall mounted | Single Sided
  • 2” x 4” Installation or Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
  • Active Ember Bed Design
  • Variable Speed Flame Control
  • New Hybrid-FX™ Flame Technology
  • 10 Different Flame & Ember Bed Colors
  • High Intensity Multi-Color Flame & Ember Bed
  • Independently Controlled Flame & Ember Bed
  • Orange Lighted Driftwood Log Set
  • Includes Clear Acrylic Stone Media
  • Includes Hand Painted, Lighted Canyon Driftwood Log Set
  • Watts | 1,530
  • BTUs | 5,000

Note Different size model shown in image.



The Modern Flames Spectrum 74″ Slimline is an ultra-slim electric fireplace. 

This electric fireplace is designed to be installed as a single sided clean face built in unit.

With 10 different flame colours and an active ember bed design your fire is now extremely customizable allowing for a diverse range aesthetics.

Keep warm with the built in 5,000 BTU ceramic heater with thermostat controls.


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