Modern Flames Orion 52″ Slim [Call to Purchase > $6495]

Modern Flames Orion 52″ Slim [Call to Purchase > $6495]

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  • New Innovative Heliovision Flame Technology
  • Multiple flames styles and colours to choose from
  • Wi-Fi, Remote and Manual controls
  • Multi-Dimensional Flame Appearance
  • Multi-colour Down Lighting to Accent Logs
  • Multi-colour Ember Bed Lighting to Accent Reflective Glass
  • 5,000 BTU (1.5 kW) PTC Ceramic Heater.

Note Different size model shown in image.

The Modern Flames Orion Slim 52″ Electric Fireplace has a sleek and slim design to allow a slide in installation to a 6″ wall or to be wall mounted.

The Orion Slim provides beautiful ambience with it’s flames as well as heating with it’s 5,000 BTU ceramic heater.

This electric fireplace is able to be installed as a single sided built in fireplace.

Using Heliovision Flame Technology the Orion Slim 52″ is able to produce 3 different flame styles which can be 6 different colours. It also produces an ambient fire crackling sound and has an adjustable flame speed.

The Orion 52″ Slim can provide wonderful warmth and aesthetic to any home.

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