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Heatlie 700mm Stainless Steel Mobile BBQ
Heatlie 700mm Stainless Steel Mobile BBQ With Lid [$2231 >> Call to Purchase]

Heatlie 700mm Stainless Steel Mobile BBQ With Lid [$2231 >> Call to Purchase]

Heatlie 700mm Stainless Steel Mobile BBQ With Lid [$2231 >> Call to Purchase]


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  • Durable Stainless Steel construction
  • Available in 3 Hot plate sizes 700mm, 850mm and 1150mm
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • 5mm Mild Steel hot plate, upgradable options available
  • Precision manufactured steel ribbon burners for even heat distribution
  • Piezo auto ignition
  • Sturdy bottle holder
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • Highly customisable to suit your needs, call for more information
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Heatlie BBQs are the toughest barbecues in the world. Originally designed for professional chefs, the full range of Heatlie BBQs are now available for you to enjoy at home. Available in 3 sizes and a choice of stainless steel or powdercoated finish, you’re bound to find a Heatlie BBQ which looks fantastic in your outdoor kitchen or backyard. All Heatlie barbecues feature our unique burner system, which uses precision machined burners to produce a more even heat than other barbecues.

Powder Coated BBQ
All Heatlie BBQ’s have two burners running right to left, with the controls on the right hand side. Solid 5mm, 10mm and 20mm mild steel hot plates are available. Stainless Steel hot plates are also manufactured in our factory. All Heatlie BBQs feature automatic Dual Piezo ignition and removable legs. Heatlie BBQs can be made to suit Natural or LP gas. Available in three sizes; 700mm, 850mm and 1150mm (the size indicates the length of the hot plate.) The Powder Coated finish is available in Claret and Black.

Stainless Steel BBQ
Stainless Steel BBQs are available in 3 sizes, 700mm, 850mm and 1150mm (the size indicates the length of the hot plate.)

Heatlie BBQ Hot plates
Heatlie manufacture a range of hot plates to suit many applications and personal preferences. We recommend a 10mm mild steel plate for any commercial application or where the BBQ may be lit for an extended period of time. The 5mm mild steel plate will suit most domestic situations, but if for any reason the BBQ will be left heating without food on the plate for longer than 5 minutes, you are best to choose the 10mm version.

Many customers request a stainless steel hot plate, and while this may not be the best option for heat transfer, they prefer the properties stainless steel provides. To ensure a good cooking surface for your Heatlie BBQ for the lifetime of your BBQ, begin with seasoning the Heatlie hot plate by following the instructions below. This will ensure food does not stick to the plate and will protect from corrosion as well.

Seasoning your stainless steel hot plate – Before using your Heatlie stainless steel hot plate for the first time you will need to remove the lanolin coating by washing the plate with warm soapy water until you are no longer able to feel the sticky lanolin on your fingers when you touch the BBQ plate. Rinse with clean water, then cover with a light coating of cooking oil. Heat for 5 minutes (no longer), wipe off this layer of oil with a paper towel. Re-apply another layer of oil and you are ready to cook.

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2 x 17MJ Steel Tubes


5mm Mild Steel, Optional upgrades available


Flat Top

Gas Type

LPG, Can be converted to Natural Gas

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