High Pressure Wok Burner LP Gas

High Pressure Wok Burner LP Gas


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A fast and high heat is essential for true wok cooking, Auscrown’s popular high pressure burners have turbo-like heat and are specially designed for intense wok cooking. It comes complete with a 1.5m stainless steel braided hose and high pressure POL regulator.

This high pressure gas burner is also great for camping and outdoor cooking since the high pressure flame is difficult to be blown out by wind and will boil up pots of liquid in minutes.

This LP gas high pressure burner is portable and versatile, anyone can enjoy cooking like a professional chef at home

  • High Heat Capacity of 55mj/hr
  • Auto ignition & easy flame control
  • Suitable for restaurant-like wok cooking
  • Portable & versatile – great for catering, events, camping
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Fully assembled LP Gas 1.5m Stainless Steel Hose and High Pressure Regulator for your convenience
  • Suitable for woks between 15″ to 19″
  • Excellent for Chinese Wok Cooking and Stir Fry
  • Australia gas safety approved for outdoor use

2 x 26.25MJ Stainless Steel Tube, 1 x 21MJ Sear Burner


1 x Stainless Steel Rod, 1 x Stainless Steel V Grill


1 x Stainless Steel




Twin Skin Stainless Steel

BBQ Frame

Stainless Steel

Gas Type

LPG, convertible to Natural gas

Side Burner


Rear Burner


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