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Rhino is the new name in household refrigeration, but for the last 30 years its engineers have designed commercial appliances that can be found in top restaurants and five star hotels in famous cities across the world.

Schmick have an extensive range of quality Wine and Beer Fridges that are Australian designed to suit Australian weather conditions. The Schmick range of fridges are solely developed with the Australian market market in mind, with durability in our extreme weather and efficient energy consumption foremost in the design process.

Solid Stainless Steel Doors

If your Fridge will receive any direct sunlight through the day you will need a solid Stainless Steel door. This will help keep the temperatures down in the fridge and stop the motors trying to constantly keep the temperatures down, unsuccessfully, and eventually fail a lot quicker than would be expected.

Power consumption

The power consumption of your fridge is a massive consideration and this is influenced by the quality of parts used in the fridge. Branded Motors and compressors tend to mean more efficiency but do come at a higher initial cost which will give you massive savings in running costs in the years to come.

Low E Glass

Low E glass is coated with a special UV Reflective film which is unobservable to the naked eye. In combination with inert Argon gas within the sealed unit, it helps to ensure that heat is kept out and cold is kept in. A side benefit is that condensation on the door glass is reduced on high humidity days.

Heated Glass

The only way to 100% stop condensation on glass is heated glass. This uses a film that is electrically charged at low voltage with power of about 50-65Watt, so this actually at a minimum doubles the energy consumption of the unit, most are 3 times the energy. This can however stop condensation on the body or door frame which is also very, very common.

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