3 Burner BBQs

3 burner BBQs allow you a large choice of different models and brands. Here at BBQs Plus we are always happy to chat about your cooking style, to see which BBQ would suit your needs best.

Both the Weber Spirit and Weber Genesis range are available in 3 burner models. With a large selection and diversity in these ranges, you can find the model that suits – if you’re looking for things such as: a side burner, sear zone, large hotplate, cabinetry, Weber Connect integration, hood lighting and so much more.

Napoleon‘s Rogue and LEX series allows you to choose between a stainless steel or black enamel BBQ in a built-in or trolley style. When moving past their base model you can also acquire great features such as a back burner for rotisseries, side burner, knob lighting and the ability to also cook with charcoal.

Grandfire is a stainless steel BBQ that boasts a large range, depending on which size and extra features will suit your cooking style best. With the choice to add a cart, you can transform this built in BBQ into a trolley BBQ with ease. When upgrading past their base Silverline model, you can add features such as a: sear station and a back burner for rotisseries.

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