Modern Flames Orion Traditional


Traditional Built-In or Insert virtual electric fireplace

Experience the innovative Orion™ virtual fireplace that utilizes the most optimized technology, creating the most life-like fire in an electric fireplace. Make every presentation brilliant with three flame styles. Embers and down lighting, six colors options and three flames which offers 18 different flame color displays. No matter where you stand or sit, the image quality is consistent. Heliovision® technology gives you the premium flame you desire.

The Orion Traditional allows you to add the crackling sound of a real fire for that perfect ambience. It comes with a multi-colour ember bed, black reflective glass, Western Driftwood Log set and multi-colour downlighting which gives a multi-dimensional flame appearance.

It provides energy efficient supplementary ambient heat, using an energy efficient 1.5kW – 2kW PTC Ceramic Heater, depending on size.

HELIOVISION™ Flame Technology.

Heliovision allows Modern Flames to be the innovators of the Electric Fireplace industry by combining multiple technologies to create realistic flame patterns which have multi-color flames in 3 different flame styles giving the user 18 different flame choices right out of the box. Heliovision also provides heating technology for energy efficient room heating with zero emissions and real flame crackling audio.

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