Pro-Line VS-D4 Domestic Chamber Vacuum Sealer



Pro-Line VS-D4 Domestic Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Pro-Line VS-D4 Domestic Chamber Vacuum Sealer


Fast and Powerful

  • Handles liquids with ease and perfect for large quantities of foods,
  • The vacuum sealing chamber instantly seals in the freshness up to 5x longer than conventional storage methods.
  • Quad Pump Vacuum Technology
  • Ideal for Marinating
  • Dual Seal Technology
  • 70 Litres per Minute
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VS-D4 Chamber Food Vacuum Sealer
Ideal for all food types, food marination and storage of non food items. The D4 Chamber Food Vacuum Sealer is a small and compact, but fast and powerful machine – great at preserving and extending the freshness of your food for up to 5x longer than conventional storage methods.

This is our latest vacuum sealer machine and is perfect for food sealing larger quantities including liquids and non food items like medical equipment, so they can be stored safely for boating or camping.

With the current global COVID pandemic, buying food in bulk has become a more common practice. With the D4 Food Vacuum Sealer you can safely divide up your bulk bought food into smaller quantities to vacuum seal, pack and freeze. Less trips to the shop and more food on-hand!

If you love fishing and have ever caught more fish than you can eat – freeze them! Our chamber cryovac vacuum sealer is the best solution to lock in the freshness and nutrients of your catch for longer.


  • Stainless Steel Body
  • 4 Piston Vacuum Pump Technology
  • Heavy Duty DC Motor
  • Dampened Soft Close Lid
  • Armoured 10mm See Through Glass Lid For Safety
  • Progressive Dual Seal
  • Removable Sealing Bar
  • Replaceable Seal/Gaskets – spares included and available separately
  • Vacuum & Seal Function to Set & Forget
  • Manual Vacuum Seal Function for Custom Control
  • +/- Function to Set Sealing & Vacuum Time for Different Applications
  • Unit external measurements 350mm wide x 280mm deep x 210mm high

Also Included:

  • Spare Gasket Set Included
  • Accessory Hose Included
  • BONUS Includes 20 x BPA Free Vacuum Bags – 28 x 25cm


Compatible with all Pro-line Vacuum Sealer Accessories and most Vacuum Sealer Bags & Rolls.

Largest bag size that fits in the D4 chamber vacuum sealer is 28cm width x 25cm length.

Due to manufacturing alterations, actual product may vary slightly from that pictured.

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