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Electric Smoker

The best Electric Smokers give you the ability to heat and smoke independently of each other and are usually vertical in nature. This is the ideal combination to smoke smaller items such as Chicken wings, Cheese, Nuts, Butter, Peppers, Garlic and fish as well as giving you the hight to be able to hang charcuterie, sausage and salami.


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    Bradley Jerky Racks

    Bradley Smoker Jerky Racks feature a smaller mesh opening. Are perfect for cooking smaller items like beef jerky, oysters, almonds, vegetables, sausages, and more. The non-stick coated Jerky Racks will…

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    Bradley Original Smoker

    New stainless steel interior New rack supports keep racks from tipping over when pulled out Heat control moved to smoke generator, which will eliminate moisture damage to switch Improved front…

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    Bradley 6-Rack Digital Electric Smoker

    Digital controlled temperature, time and smoke 240V (2 AMPS) power 279mm x 330mm (6x) adjustable racks Polished stainless steel interior construction Controllable temperatures 35 to 160 degrees Celcius Recipe Booklet…

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