Weekly Gourmet Meat Specials


Check out the Gourmet Meats now available in the fridge at BBQs Plus Bayside

Weekly specials commencing Thursday August 18th.

Dry Aged Ribeye Steaks

Essentially an individually cut prime rib roast, the ribeye
is full of flavour, tender and best suited to hot and fast
cooking, with a good marbling of fat. These steaks are
thick cut and dry aged, perfect for the BBQ!

Dry Aged Ribeye Steak $79.90 per kg

Pork Boston Butt

Known around the USA as a New England specialty, and now popularly known as the “Boston butt”, this is a cut
that generally benefits from long, slow cooking methods, and makes the best pulled pork!

Pork Boston Butt $29.90 per kg


Vintage Beef Scotch Fillet $120.00 per kg
Hanger Steak $59.90 per kg
Rump Cap/Picanha $59.90 per kg
Cape Grim Brisket $24.90 per kg
Cape Grim Asado Ribs $49.90 per kg
Tomahawk Steak $59.90 per kg

Cape Grim MB+4 Scotch Fillet $89.90 per kg
Cape Grim Short Ribs $36.90 per kg
Beef Cheek $26.90 per kg
Yarra Valley Gin Pig™ Bacon $49.90 per kg
Pork Belly $36.90 per kg
Stone Axe Wagyu MB+4 Scotch $290.00 per kg

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